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Feature #1
Access and Profile Management

The platform offers comprehensive access and profile management, as well as the ability to set up company and branding details.

Feature #2

A centralized hub offering at-a-glance insights into property portfolios, facilitating informed decision-making.

Feature #3
Property Management

Easily track property status along with ownership and tenancy and payment status, access vital information, and streamline management tasks.

Feature #4
Inspection Tracking

Monitor inspection statuses for each property, ensuring compliance and maintenance standards.

Feature #5
Maintenance Management

Track job statuses, manage maintenance tasks, and ensure timely resolution of issues.

Feature #6
Communication Hub

Efficiently manage and track all communication, email, SMS, Mentions and Messaging, related to properties, fostering transparent collaboration.

Feature #7
Task Management

Easily track and manage all relevant tasks related to inspection, maintenance, etc. of property.

Feature #8
Property Accounting Management

Handle transactions, create and track bills, and manage disbursements seamlessly.

Feature #9
Owner Portal and mobile app

Empower property owners with access to comprehensive property information and management tools.

Feature #10
Tenant Portal

Enhance tenant experience by providing access to essential property-related information and services.

Feature #11
Manager App

Facilitate easy access and provide a better user experience by using a mobile app that helps property managers to promptly manage relevant tasks.

Feature #12
Inspection App

Plan and track proper paperless inspections through a mobile app that is easy to handle and manage from anywhere.

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